Hackensaw Boys

Justin had the distinct pleasure of playing music with the Hackensaw Boys for over 10 years.

The road can be a tough place unless you have friends to go it with you.  After playing thousands of shows far and wide, we always knew our music would carry us to new and exciting places. – J. Neuhardt


Here are some quotes about the band to give you a better idea of what the Hackensaw Boys are all about:

“Even when this Charlottesville band employs ancient Appalachian motifs, they never pretend to be something they’re not.” (Geoffrey Himes writing in the Oxford American 2007 Southern Music issue)

“The seams of the music: a deeply rooted country sensibility, a colorful cast of singers and musicians, a sense of humour, and threads bound to punk rock just as much as country and folk music. What stands at the apex of this group though is the original song writing.” (Lucid Forge Arts and Entertainment)

“One never doubts the Hackensaw Boys are giving you everything they have in them. It’s refreshing in a world of half measures and empty talk. They have their sights on the right things and it always comes through in their music.” (Dennis Cook writing for JamBase.com)

“Like the name dictates, the Hacksensaw Boys are all about finger picking banjos, fiddles and baritone harmonies run through the punk rock bluegrass ringer. They are as likely to hit home with hippies as rockabillies, or anyone who wants to raise a glass and stomp a hole through the ole wooden dance floor.” (Herohill.com, Review of Look Out!)

“Whether you call them new-grass, jam-grass, bluegrass, folk, country, punk, rough and ready roots music, or raucous neo-old-timey spit and vinegar the six piece band known as the Hackensaw Boys are continuing to blow audiences away with their amazing high energy shows. Since it’s inception in 1999, the band has toured the US extensively, and performed several successful tours in Europe. Audiences all over have welcomed the band’s Americana influences, crafty musicianship, and spirited songs. With their latest release Look Out (June 19, 2007 Nettwerk Records) hitting the #1 most added spot on Americana radio, the Hackensaw Boys aren’t slowing down. As one reviewer put it “The Hackensaw Boys are in no danger of becoming extinct, or worse, irrelevant.” They’ve survived departures and arrivals, blessings and, most importantly, each other. Add to this, thousands of nights in hundreds of clubs from Nashville to Bangor, from Los Angeles to Rotterdam and you begin to get an idea of the dedication and sheer mule-like tenacity that is the Hackensaw Boy ethic. So, whether you catch these guys on the road or pick them up in a store, be sure to check out The Hackensaw Boys the perfect anodyne for the aches and pains of modern life.” (JamBase.com)

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