Justin Neuhardt
Justin Neuhardt is an accomplished furniture craftsman and visual artist, focused on incorporating salvaged materials to reimagine their purpose as functional and abstract art. He works from his Pigeon Kingdom Studio in Venice,
California and in the art department on productions and events throughout the Los Angeles area.Justin also has twenty years of experience performing as a drummer and percussionist. He has toured and recorded with various bands and musical projects all over the world. As an resourceful musician, Justin created his own percussive instrument he calls a Charismo that has drawn wide attention as a unique instrument and assemblage sculpture.

Please contact Justin with inquiries about purchasing his custom made furniture, Charismos, or visual art and to collaborate on music or art department projects.

Justin Neuhardt has been an innovative,
eclectic percussionist for 20 years. He has created an extensive and diverse repertoire of skill,
utilizing various instruments from the ukulele to the bowed singing saw. Justin toured and recorded with his band,
Hackensaw Boys (Nettwerk Records) for 10 years. During this time, he had the great opportunity to share the stage with Cake, Flaming Lips, Cracker, Modest Mouse and Cheap Trick. He has performed as a backing drummer for The Country Music Hall of Fame artist, Charlie Louvin and for singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked. He has performed internationally and state-side at renowned outdoor festivals such as, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, South By Southwest, Telluride Bluegrass, Open House in Ireland, Pukkelpop in Belgium and many more. These experiences have helped him to gain a wealth of knowledge about working in the productive, professional settings of the music industry.

During his time with the Hackensaw Boys, Justin developed his own percussion instrument called the Charismo. Making the first one in 2000 with tin cans, hubcap, washboard and other bits of flotsam, he played his creation with jazz brushes, spoons and martini strainers. The invention of his Charismo set Justin out on an 11 year arc of experimentation in percussive sound. Over the years, he has hand-built over 85 individual Charismos for performances, art galleries and private collectors.

Justin’s experience as a drummer spans innumerable genres including the Americana string band sound, funk, punk, rock, reggae as well as Latin influences. In addition to his catalogue of musical performances, he has collaborated on compositions for two independent short films, “Attack of the Zombie Women II” and “Runaway”. He also worked on the theme song “Hopper’s Delight” for the live onstage commercial for Dish Network’s “The Hopper”. Now that he’s off the road and based in Los Angeles, he has enjoyed performing and recording with the band The Chelsea Royal and hopes to expand his studio contributions to include more recordings for film, television and commercials.

Justin plays drums on tracks 1-8, Charismo on track 9 and drums, percussion and singing saw on tracks 10 – 12.